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Industrial Packaging Suppliers specialising in Polythene, Rubber, Hoses and Horticultural products

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Horticultural Polythene

The unpredictable British weather and our short growing seasons can be a challenge for any allotment grower. A polytunnel can help by extending the range of crops that it is possible to grow, by lengthening the growing season and by providing protection from the elements.


We supply the worlds most advanced Polytunnel Polythene – helping you to achieve the most suitable environment for all of your growing needs.


All of our Polytunnel covers have a 5 season/year guarantee.


We sell our covers by the linear meter and are happy to cut to any length.


All of our Horticultural range is available for courier delivery or collection from our Trade Counter

Our product range includes:

• SunMaster Clear Polythene

  For all crops where colour especially red is important, vegetables, flowers and cold    

  wintered crops including nursery stock


• SunMaster Diffused Polythene (Semi Opake)  

  For all crops where colour, especially red and blue is important, vegetables, flowers,

  soft fruit and overwintered nursery stock where only slight frost protection is required


• Black and white polythene

• Clear UV side vent netting

• Anti-Hot Spot Tape

• Polytunnel Repair Tape

• Polypipe


For all of your Industrial Packaging Requirements call us on 0191 567 5078 or email